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Getting the most out of your AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM™) investment means not only properly configuring the technology upon installation but also periodically evaluating the status of the system as data feeds, content and event volumes evolve.

There’s no better way to optimize your AlienVault USM deployment.

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Our AlienVault Health Check helps to ensure maximum return on investment by:

  • Ensuring optimal performance of your AlienVault USM implementation.
  • Identifying and removing any performance bottlenecks.
  • Analyzing effects of existing USM content to be able to plan for future content needs.
  • Tuning queries for improved response times for reports and trends.
  • Reviewing your USM architecture to determine if business needs are being met by the current implementation.

Optimize Performance

Our Health Check Service is designed to optimize the performance of USM by identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks within the system components including the USM Server(s), Sensor(s) and Logger(s) and content such as rules, reports, and plug-ins. Periodic health checks are an important part of maintaining optimal performance and often identify and resolve minor issues before they result in major performance degradations that impact system availability and user satisfaction.


Identify & Remove Bottlenecks

The AlienVault USM Health Check Service includes evaluation of USM components to identify and resolve potential performance bottlenecks. During the engagement, an AlienVault consultant will:

  • Evaluate host operating systems running components of USM for performance bottlenecks.
  • Analyze log files of USM components for other messages known to impact performance.
  • Analyze memory utilization of USM content.
  • Evaluate query performance and indexing to ensure optimal query response times for reports and trends.
  • Review the USM architecture for potential performance bottlenecks.
  • Review architecture sizing and capacity. Recommend growth or expansion plan.

Additionally, an AlienVault Certified Engineer will document all of the findings and recommendations from the engagement and implement the recommended fixes as time allows.


Fine-Tune Your Implementation as Data Evolves

Data feeds, event volumes and content can change daily in your USM implementation. With the AlienVault USM Health Check Service, AlienVault consultants not only review the basic setup of the system but also evaluate your USM architecture, Plug-Ins, USM Server, USM Logger/Sensor, USM content and host. This ensures that the technology is tuned for your specific event volumes and content needs.

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There’s no better way to optimize your AlienVault USM deployment, so schedule your health check today.

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