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The Intelligence Behind the Intelligence

“The OTX and Labs give you real-time updates and help you to gather information much faster than if you had to wait until any risks were vetted through a closed system. If a foreign system gets compromised and starts attacking, then you and others can identify security issues faster and counteract.”
Eric Shaver II, Security Officer, The Plateau Group, Inc.

IT and security practitioners don’t have the time to research the latest threats and write the rules to detect them. Most organizations – especially those who are in the mid-market – don’t have an infrastructure with thousands of global collection points or a team of security researchers to analyze it all. That’s why the AlienVault Labs team is so essential.

The researchers in our Lab are like an extension of your own security team, working to continually and automatically update the AlienVault Unified Security Management platform with threat intelligence for targeted detection and actionable guidance to effectively respond to the latest threats.

Not a USM customer? No matter – you can still benefit from the research our Labs team conducts because they are also the brains behind our Open Threat Exchange (OTX). OTX is an open information sharing and analysis network that provides access to real-time, detailed information about incidents that may impact you, allowing you to learn from and work with others who have already experienced them. Anyone can join the Open Threat Exchange and benefit from its free services.

Meet the team:

Jaime Blasco, Vice President and Chief Scientist

Ask anyone about Jaime and they’ll say he’s the man you want on your side when it comes to a hack – the Sherlock Holmes of the Internet.

At AlienVault, Jaime manages the Lab and runs the Vulnerability Research Team. Prior to working in the AlienVault lab, he founded a couple of startups (Eazel, Aitsec) working on web application security, source code analysis and incident response.

His background stems from a number of years working in vulnerability management, malware analysis and security researching.

When he’s not hunting down the bad guys, and alerting the good ones, he’s a guest speaker or lecturer at hacking conferences such as Rooted Con, OWASP. Recently he ran a Cyber Warfare conference for the Head of Defence in Spain demonstrating attacks in real time and showing how to defend against them. He’s also a regular contributor to Hakin9 and InSecure magazine. Jaime also advises government on emerging threats.

Alberto Ortega, Research Team Engineer

Alberto’s the one sniffing out any suspicious behaviour and helping to maintain the threat database. Beware all you baddies – he’s tracking you!

After leaving college, Alberto was snapped up by a company who specialised in open source for mobile devices. A matter of months later his hacking talents were recognised by AlienVault, who brought him on board to work in the AlienVault Lab. Today he spends his time analysing threats and tracking their origins.

William Smartt, Research Team Engineer

A native of the Bay Area, Bill Smartt joined the Alienvault labs team in January of 2013. As a member of the Super Nintendo and Windows XP era, Bill got his start in computers through video games. In college Bill was intrigued by the InfoSec community, and worked on improving vulnerability scanning techniques for which he won the ‘Award for outstanding project in computer science’. After graduating from University of San Francisco in Computer Science, he quickly found his place at the Alienvault labs working on emerging threats and infection prevention.

Bill’s interests include networks, cryptography, and reverse engineering.

Eduardo de la Arada, Research Team Engineer

Eduardo has a deep passion for security and everything related to it. He likes programming languages, reverse engineering and have a big curiosity in all digital related stuff. He has collaborated with several Open Source projects during his college years and he gave several talks about programming at the university as a member of the ACM chapter in Spain. He has worked for an antifraud system company and after that he decided to join our research team and to help us catching the bad guys.

When he is not finding new threats he likes competing in Capture the Flag and Wargame tournaments and breaking things for fun.

Read the team’s Research Blog.

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