Russell Spitler

SVP, Product

Russell Spitler comes to AlienVault with a strong desire to help the world build more secure systems. After spending years helping to secure the largest financial, military, and commercial organizations, Russ is now working with AlienVault to help bring those same security products to the rest of us.

Russ started his career as a programmer at Fortify Software. As a programmer he designed, developed, and deployed many of the core products that comprise the Fortify product suite. Leveraging his experience with the development of those products, and his relationships with customers, Russ transitioned into Product Management. During his tenure in Product Management he oversaw a 5x growth in product revenue and helped Fortify to develop strong partnerships with other players in the market, leading to the eventual acquisition of Fortify.

At Hewlett Packard, Russ played an integral role in the formation of HP Enterprise Security Products, aiding in the creation of technical integrations between ArcSight, Fortify and TippingPoint.

Russ began his career in security at Colby College, where, for his honors thesis, he developed a static analysis engine embedded in the eclipse IDE. He has a BA in Computer Science.

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