Who We Are

Technical Advisory Board

Jono Bacon, Community Manager at Ubuntu

Jono Bacon is a leading community manager, engineering manager, consultant and author. Currently he works as the Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical, leading a team to grow, inspire and enthuse the global Ubuntu community. Read More

Matt Bishop, Computer Science Professor at University of California at Davis

Matt Bishop is a professor at the University of California at Davis, where he teaches computer security, programming, operating systems, and software engineering, and does research in computer security. He practices what he teaches, for example by leading the penetration testing portion of the California Top-to-Bottom Review of electronic voting systems. He is active in improving the state of education in computer security and information assurance. Read More

Daniel B. Cid, Founder and Lead Developer at OSSEC, CTO at Sucuri

Daniel B. Cid is the lead developer/founder of the open source OSSEC HIDS and the CTO of Sucuri. His interests range from intrusion detection, log analysis (log-based intrusion detection), web-based malware research and secure development. Read More

Mike Dahn, Faculty Member at IANS

Mike Dahn is a faculty member at IANS. He likes to talk about payment security, risk management, and regulatory compliance. In his spare time, he build communities and develop communications channels that enable bidirectional communications and disrupt the asymmetry of information. Read More

Luca Deri, Principal at ntop

Luca Deri is the leader of the ntop project (http://www.ntop.org/) aimed at developing an open-source monitoring platform for high-speed traffic analysis. He worked for University College of London and IBM Research, prior receiving his PhD at the University of Berne with a thesis about software components for traffic monitoring applications. Read More

Gordon Lyon, Founder and CTO at Insecure.org

Gordon “Fyodor” Lyon authored the open source Nmap Security Scanner in 1997 and continues to coordinate its development. He also maintains the Insecure.Org, Nmap.Org, SecLists.Org, and SecTools.Org security resource sites and has authored seminal papers on remote operating system detection and stealth port scanning. Read More

Raffael Marty, Founder of PixlCloud

Raffael Marty is a SaaS business expert, data visualization practitioner, and security data analyst. Raffael is the founder and ceo of pixlcloud, a visual analytics company. Prior, he co-founded Loggly, a cloud-based log management company. Read More

Dave Shackleford, Senior VP of Research and CTO at IANS, SANS Senior Instructor

Dave Shackleford is the owner and principal consultant at Voodoo Security; senior vice president of research and CTO at IANS; and a SANS senior instructor and course author. He has consulted with hundreds of organizations in the areas of security, regulatory compliance, and network architecture and engineering. Read More

Alan Shimel, CEO at The CISO Group

Alan Shimel is the managing partner in The CISO Group, a provider of security, risk and compliance solutions. Prior to founding The CISO Group, Alan was the co-founder and Chief strategy officer at StillSecure, a provider of network infrastructure security solutions. Alan has also held executive positions at Cachier, Interliant and was a founder of TriStar Web. Read More

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