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During the last few years we have seen an increase on the number of malicious actors using tricks and browser vulnerabilities to enumerate the software that is running on the victim’s system using Internet Explorer. In this blog post we will describe some of the techniques that attackers are using to perform reconnaisance that gives them information for… Read more

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Tags: sykipot, internet explorer, waterhole, vulnerabilities, detecting endpoint software, angler exploit kit

To get more of a practitioner’s view of AlienVault, I recently reached out to Karl Hart, IT Security Analyst and AlienVault user.  Karl works at a privately-held financial institution in Ohio, and he is involved in every aspect of IT security.  This includes incident response, vulnerability assessment, policies, procedures and penetration testing.  Since his company… Read more

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Tags: ossim, otx, siem, usm, user profiles

Amazon is nowadays a major provider of cloud computing services. Our product, AlienVault USM, allows deploying an Amazon image and, then, connecting to it through a console or through a web interface. The following points are essential for deploying an Amazon image: Instance type (to meet the recommended system requirements) Disk performance optimization: EBS-optimized Provisioned IPOS (set value to 4000) Add… Read more

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Tags: cloud deployment, amazon

One of the core benefits of the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform is the ability to take advantage of the crowd-sourced threat intelligence within the Open Threat Exchange, also known as OTX. OTX is the largest repository of crowd-source threat intelligence on this planet…or any other (and take it from us, we know a little about intelligence… Read more

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Tags: otx, crowd-sourced threat intelligence, threatfinder

When it comes to PCI DSS Logging Requirements, sometimes the most challenging requirements to meet are the ones that can be the easiest technically to achieve. In dealing with logging, every single system around has the capability to meet PCI DSS, but managing those logs and ensuring they are continually being generated can be challenging. The common problem that companies… Read more

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Tags: pci, branden williams, pci dss, logging

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