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USM Standard
& Enterprise
Who Is It For? For Security Researchers & Students For Small Businesses For Larger Organizations & Enterprises
Cost: Open Source Starts at $3,600 Contact Us
Use Cases: Experimentation & Research Compliance Management and Reporting (PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27002 (SOX), GPG 13)
Advanced Threat (APT) Detection
Incident Response
Log Management
Forensic Investigation
Support: Community Commercial
Management: - Centralized Administration & Configuration
Threat Intelligence: Community Developed AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence Subscription with Weekly Updates
Reporting: Community Developed 100+ Compliance & Threat Reports
Access Control: - Rich Role-based Access Control with Permission Templates
Scalability & Performance: - Field-proven Performance
Single-tier Deployments Multi-tier deployments &
support for geographically
distributed environments
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