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Phenomenal threat intelligence

With unrivaled network visibility, diverse threat data, machine learning and world class threat researchers, Alien Labs helps you stay ahead of evolving threats.

AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX)

Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX) is among the world's largest open threat intelligence communities with 100,000 threat experts and security professionals contributing daily.

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  • Get daily updates summarizing threats and related indicators of compromise (IoCs)
  • Easily research emerging threats and collaborate with others
  • Create your own group to share threat intelligence or subscribe to others — public or private
  • Automatically integrate OTX threat with your security infrastructure

AT&T Alien Labs research

Unrivaled network visibility & diverse data collection

AT&T Alien Labs collects a large volume of threat data from diverse sources including OTX, our worldwide sensor network, AT&T proprietary data, and dozens of external feeds to deliver the tactical threat intelligence needed to quickly predict, detect and respond to threats.

  • Global threat data collection from dozens of internal and external sources
  • Broad identification of threat indicators and adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Continuous updating of threat intelligence as new threats emerge and evolve

Unrivaled network visibility

AT&T Alien Labs threat analysis

World-class threat research & analysis

Using analytics, automation, machine learning, and human intelligence (HUMINT), Alien Labs cuts through the massive volume of threat data we collect to focus on the most critical threat indicators and provide resilient detection techniques for threats targeting different stages of the kill chain. 

  • Coverage of IoCs observed from millions of attacks against on-premises and multi-cloud networks
  • Analytics, automation and machine learning to quickly validate and analyze the huge volume and diversity of threat data Alien Labs collects
  • World-class threat researchers who enrich that data with additional investigation into threat actors, threat groups, and their TTPs
  • Insight from the AT&T team who manages threats on one of the world's largest networks as well as from threat analysts in AT&T’s Global SOC centers

Faster response time to threats

By integrating our threat intelligence directly with the Unified Security Management (USM) platform, we decrease the time from public disclosure of a threat to you being able to detect, investigate, respond, and report on what happened.

  • Eight coordinated rules sets automatically updated, including such things as correlation directives, NIDS signatures, vulnerability signatures, response templates, and more
  • Continuous threat intelligence updates from the Alien Labs team, so you can stay on top of emerging and evolving threats
  • Automated response actions such as initiating an investigation, blocking a domain, scheduling vulnerability remediation, etc.
  • Integration with best-of-breed security vendors through AlienApps to further enable orchestration

AlienVault USM Anywhere enables you to manage your security in a single pane of glass.

Security insights from the people who manage threats on one of the world's largest networks

AT&T ThreatTraq is a weekly show featuring AT&T Data Security Analysts discussing the latest trends and news in cyber and network security, including recent attacks, breaches and exploits.

We also cover network security, malware, viruses, and threats to mobile computing devices, as well as countermeasures to those threats.

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