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“We have found better than a 90% success rate with finding infected hosts when we receive an alert from the platform. We know that our antivirus software doesn't catch everything, & this allows us to become more proactive & find malicious actors more readily. The chances of finding these without OTX would be close to zero."

Karl Hart, IT security analyst
Ohio National Financial Services

Security for You. Powered by All.

What is OTX?

AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX™) is an open threat information sharing and analysis network, created to put effective security measures within the reach of all organizations. Unlike invitation-only threat sharing networks, OTX provides real-time, actionable information to all who want to participate.

Why Should I Join?

With AlienVault OTX, you can achieve a preventative response to changes in the threat landscape by learning how attackers are targeting others. Armed with real-time, detailed security event information, you can update your defenses to avoid becoming a victim yourself. Join Now >

How Does It Work?

Enabling OTX in your OSSIM or USM installation will allow you to automatically share anonymized threat information with the AlienVault community. In return, you will receive threat updates every 30 minutes