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Partner Program

The AlienVault Partner Program provides your company with the tools you need to become a trusted advisor for customers and to gain a long-term competitive advantage in your security practice. With proven technologies designed for IT teams with limited resources, AlienVault enables you to accelerate and simplify your end-users’ ability to detect and respond to threats on day one. AlienVault can help you stand out as a leader.

We designed our  program to be simple and fair, and it rewards partners who invest in learning about our award-winning AlienVault USM solution and jointly engage in opportunities. Now you can offer value-added products and services that will differentiate your company offering from a standard infrastructure opportunity.

Become a Partner

Benefits of Partnering with AlienVault

With the AlienVault Partner Network, your company benefits from our market-leading Unified Security Management (USM) solution combined with programs designed to enable, distinguish, and reward you.

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Benefits include:

  • Aggressive product and services discounts
  • Deal Registration Program to protect your hard work
  • Local sales team support
  • Access to all partner materials and portal
  • Formal technical training available
  • Free field sales training
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Not for Resale “NFR” demonstration program
  • Renewal opportunities

Fast-Track Steps for Your Success!

Turn thought leadership into awareness and demand generation.

1. AlienVault to host sales enablement session
2. Joint “LIVE” Webcast to your customer base with AlienVault specialist
3. Call-out Campaign with call to action: (1) Live Demo or (2) Free Trial
4. Additive AlienVault leads for further pipeline creation

Just how well does this fast-track process work?

AlienVault prides itself not only on it’s award-winning product designed specifically for the mid-market, but also in it’s operational discipline around demand generation that creates an active pipeline. Our “partnership” is not simply about great technology but our commitment to developing a flexible, adaptable and predictable pipeline with you... AND offering the resources to convert that pipeline into closed deals quickly.

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