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Good day everybody.Today I’m going to examine and explain the functionality of “custom functions”, used in OSSIM/USM parsers. Those are the functions meant to modify the data after the agent finishes parsing. There are several built-in functions such as:“resolv()”, which resolves the IP by hostname “normalize_date()” which normalizes… Read more

Tags: ossim, usm, logging

BackgroundDaserf is an example of a backdoor, malware that provides attackers with access to the compromised system. It’s commonly used for data theft, as you can see from the number of AlienVault blog posts that include the term.The Daserf malware has been around for about 10 years, created by a low-profile team that the security response crew… Read more

Tags: malware, otx, backdoor, daserf

Technology foraging, or searching for smart ideas and technologies, is a key element of research and development both in the public and private sectors. It serves as a basis for discoveries of new products, applications, and processes brought to the marketplace. There are many hidden treasures yet to be discovered, commercialized, licensed and integrated into technology solutions. Foraging can impact… Read more

Tags: cybersecurity, dhs, darpa, nsa

From: Thomas, Kevin Sent: 24 August 2011 10:43To: Malik, Javvad Subject: EncryptionJavI’m updating the presentation pack for this month’s management meeting. Can you send me a short description of encryption so the SLT can better understand the solution?Kev From: Malik, Javvad Sent: 24 August 2011 11:03To: Thomas, Kevin Subject: EncryptionHi Kevin,Encryption is the process… Read more

Tags: pki, encryption, senior management, hash

A roundup of the week’s news, commentary, and observations.We missed last week’s edition as we were at Blackhat and BsidesLV. If you weren’t attending or missed us at the event, Kate managed to capture some of the impressions.Gartner announced its 2016 Magic Quadrant for SIEM and AlienVault once again remained a visionary. I… Read more


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