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Lessons learned in vulnerability scanning to make your life easier As anyone reading this likely already knows, security can be a thankless job. I know, I've been dedicated to it for over 20 years. When I ran Security at Orbitz, it was absolutely critical that my team and I stayed on top of threats, attacks and potential exploits. And we… Read more

Tags: vulnerability scanning, vulnerabilities, vulnerability management program, risk io

More years have passed than I care to remember since I graduated and landed my first job at a large bank in the IT Security Operations team. My parents were happy for me, particularly my father, who proudly told anyone that listened (and even those that didn’t) that his son was employed by a bank doing something to… Read more

Tags: infosec career, industry analyst

We all know how difficult it is to keep your users from downloading malicious files and/or visiting suspect websites even when you tell them explicit things to look out for (malformed urls, executables, files with multiple extensions, etc). What if the actual malware payload is hidden in Microsoft Office documents that your users send and receive thousands of times… Read more

Tags: malware, attacks, cloud, labs

After the massive breaches and attacks of last year, everyone has become far more aware of their vulnerability to being hacked. Security has taken on new meaning as people start putting defensive measures in place. Yet for many, especially those in the Non-Profit sector, this still seems a daunting task due to the perceived costs and skills required to know… Read more

Tags: non-profit

In infosec, multi-factor authentication is often considered a positive, constructive element of layered security. However, some people have an oversimplified view. With multi-factor authentication, there are many nuances to consider. At BSides Austin I presented on this topic. When shopping for a multi-factor authentication solution, what should you look for? There are over 200 multi-factor authentication vendors, how do you evaluate… Read more

Tags: bsides austin, clare nelson, multi-factor authentication

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