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Picture this: It’s 2AM on Saturday and you’re startled awake by an alert on your phone. Indicators of a new variant of WannaCry ransomware have been detected in your network. But your home network provider is having an outage (again!) and you can’t remote in. You get dressed and race to office, maybe breezing… Read more

Tags: incident response, security orchestration

Yes, it’s that time of the week where we look back over what’s been happening in the world of security over the past week.Pinning down locations from photosGreat example of how one can look at clues in a photo and combine with a bit of OSINT and Google maps to determine the location of… Read more

Tags: infosec, infosec news, week-in-review

Today, 76% of organizations have adopted or are planning to adopt cloud services, including cloud storage. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the public cloud market leader with 40% cloud market share. Its Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is one of its most popular services, used by nearly 195,000 unique domains.Amazon S3 is probably one of the most popular services, especially among those… Read more

Tags: file integrity monitoring, fim, amazon, s3

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Normally new variants of ransomware families aren't particularly interesting.SamSam, however, is different. Whereas most ransomware is automatically propagated, SamSam is deployed manually.In addition, the group behind SamSam charges very high ransoms because of the amount of effort invested in their operations, which made them the subject of two FBI Alerts last year.The attacks seem to peak… Read more

Tags: ransomware, crimeware, samsam

To carry out attacks, malware and botnets rely on communication with a Command & Control server (C&C or C2) to receive instructions. As a result, today’s security tools have become extremely adept at detecting traffic to and from malicious IP addresses. When a system or device starts talking to a malicious IP or domain, alarms sound… Read more

Tags: malware, rat, remote access trojan, rokrat

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