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After the massive breaches and attacks of last year, everyone has become far more aware of their vulnerability to being hacked. Security has taken on new meaning as people start putting defensive measures in place. Yet for many, especially those in the Non-Profit sector, this still seems a daunting task due to the perceived costs and skills required to know… Read more

Tags: non-profit

In infosec, multi-factor authentication is often considered a positive, constructive element of layered security. However, some people have an oversimplified view. With multi-factor authentication, there are many nuances to consider. At BSides Austin I presented on this topic. When shopping for a multi-factor authentication solution, what should you look for? There are over 200 multi-factor authentication vendors, how do you evaluate… Read more

Tags: bsides austin, clare nelson, multi-factor authentication

To read this blog in Spanish, please look here. The brilliant mind of Gabriel García Marquez, known affectionately as Gabo, produced a short and vivid quote: Wisdom enlightens us when it is not useful anymore Obviously his mind was not thinking about the chores that probably you have to deal with on your day job, yet I would… Read more

Tags: siem, threat intelligence, unified security management

IDS device installed? Check. IDS seeing traffic? Check. IDS generating Events? Check. Analysts investigating Events? Ummm….. Investigating IDS alerts is a process like any other; however the variable nature of Information Security often makes this process difficult to adhere to. Maintaining this process is the first step to managing your IDS and its generated events. Let’s examine… Read more

Tags: siem, ids

It’s been an exciting week for AlienVault at CeBit, we announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems, the ICT division of Deutsche Telekom, to provide ‘German Mittelstand’ mid-market customers with the ability to detect and mitigate the impact of a breach. The new offering, Cyber Defense (CD), which leverages AlienVault Unified Security Management platform, was… Read more


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