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This is Part 3 of a 'How-To' effort to compile a list of tools (free and commercial) that can help IT administrators comply with SANS’ Security Controls. In Part 1 we looked at Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Devices. In Part 2 we looked at Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Software. Now we'll move on to Secure Configurations for Hardware… Read more

Tags: sans, free tools

As users, we all put a lot of trust in developers of software that we use every day. Just think about how much sensitive information traverses networks (and even out to the internet) via web browsers, financial management platforms, secure file storage software, etc. Would you use any of these applications if they were known to include backdoors allowing for… Read more

Tags: xcodeghost, xcode

Excerpted from a three-part series of articles. Security is expensive. Let's correct that. Information Technology is expensive. Security is not a separate part of our IT infrastructure that is thrown on after the fact. Rather, it should be an integral part of any functioning system, and its cost will depend greatly on how it is implemented. The process of… Read more


One issue that our USM customers are always dealing with is regulatory compliance. We understand how time-consuming it can be to give your auditors the information they need, and we want to make your job easier. Today we announced USM v5.2. The primary focus of this release was to provide you with some new features that will accelerate and simplify… Read more

Tags: ossim, usm

Michael Gough, founder of, presented at the Austin OWASP Chapter Meeting on 9/29, spreading the “good word” on the importance of logging. The recording of his talk is here Even though application developers typically include logging within their apps (primarily for their own use in testing and debugging their code, there’s still… Read more

Tags: siem, log management, owasp

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