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1. How the NSA infiltrated a Middle East banking networkThe Shadow Brokers leak has brought to light many things, some of which would have been better left in the dark. But it has also highlighted some interesting activities. For example, some clues came to light on how the NSA broke into the SWIFT service of a Middle Eastern bank network.… Read more

Tags: infosec, news

The news is rife with stories of successful attacks against servers, point-of-sale (POS) systems, IoT devices and more where an attacker has gained access to an organization’s IT assets and changed or inserted new files and data to do something malicious. Just a search on malware highlights a seemingly-endless list of variants including the recent exposure of NSA-backed… Read more

Tags: file integrity monitoring, fim, regulatory compliance

For many organizations, the journey to the cloud begins with Office 365. Yet, as organizations migrate business-critical data and operations to Office 365 cloud applications, security concerns arise around data integrity and privacy, user access, and more.To help our customers address their Office 365 security monitoring concerns, we recently launched an AlienApp for Office 365 that enables threat detection and incident investigation directly… Read more

Tags: usm anywhere, office 365

Data centre (DC) migrations can mean several things depending on the size and scope of the task. It can range from being as small as moving one application offsite, or to the cloud or as complicated as ripping out an entire facility and moving it to the other side of the country.It can also encompass consolidation activities or… Read more

Tags: data center, datacenter migration, rollback, dc

Topic #1: Customizing SIEM View and Custom Report ModulesOne of THE most powerful features of the AlienVault USM SIEM view is the ability to create custom views and save those as re-usable views and as report modules.HOW TOFirst, you need to navigate to the SIEM view, “Analysis-->SIEM”, and select your search criteria, be it… Read more

Tags: ossim, usm use cases, usm appliance

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