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The Certified Ethical Hacker CEH) certification is more than just another paper to add to your collection. While one could argue that it’s just another multiple choice exam, there is no mistaking the value of the knowledge you learn from studying for and then gaining this certification.What is the CEH?It’s a multiple choice exam… Read more

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The change in the cyber risk environment coinciding with a heightened need for procurement of new technologies and services has created a new paradigm for a cybersecurity partnership between government and industry. The prioritization of that special partnership appears to be in the immediate plans for the new Trump Administration.The appointment of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani as a… Read more

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Purple Teaming is for Red Teamers too. No, really! Sure, the job is ultimately to help the Blue Team be able to fight off more sophisticated attacks, but this is not a bad thing. It means as a Red Teamer you must get better, which means cooler attacks!So the normal Red Team / pentest involves executing attacks, trying NOT to… Read more

Tags: red team, penetration testing, blue team, purple team

If you predicted that 2017 would be the year that manufacturers of insecure IoT devices would be facing legal action, and that penalties would be issued for slow reporting of breaches, then you can rub your hands gleefully and tout yourself as the cyber Nostradamus!If not, you can catch up on the latest goings-on which includes these stories as… Read more


Do you remember a time before the Internet of Things (IoT) became mainstream? When ‘smart devices’ were costly and bulky. Those days are now a distant memory, such as the shrilling sounds of a dial-up modem connecting online.Nowadays it appears as if any item, no matter how common or standard, will be not only internet-connected, but packaged… Read more

Tags: ransomware, iot, smart appliances

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