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Captains log, star date 0421.15. The alien exploration of RSAC continues and we've noticed some anomalies. One of the most prominent features of RSA is the sheer size of it. The number of talks, exhibitors, attendees, parties and everything else is on a different level to almost anything else. Just over 500 security vendors are exhibiting this year which, when you… Read more

Tags: security policy, rsa 2015

Captain's log. Stardate 0420.15. Aliens have landed at RSAC 2015. Booth 1807, in the South Hall. Monday is typically the quiet day of RSA. The show floor only opens for a couple of hours and only a subset of the full might of 30,000+ visitors make it down. Still, it was a respectable showing of people visiting us enjoying a drink from our… Read more

Tags: usm for aws, rsa 2015, otx 2.0, usm 5.0

Today we released version 5.0 of our Unified Security Management platform, also known as USM. It’s been an action-packed three weeks as our super-hero dev crew has delivered three great products, one each week: An AWS-native version of our USM platform that provides monitoring capabilities that anyone who has tried to use CloudTrail or wondered how to secure their… Read more

Tags: usm for aws, otx 2.0, usm 5.0

Forbes magazine online tells us that the danger of insider threats has been driven home by such newsworthy events as hacking into the Target database. Insider threats can be financial, political or personal, including such well-known cases as Eric Snowden and the WikiLeaks scandal. But what is an insider threat, and what exactly does the term mean for you organization?… Read more

Tags: insider threat, threat detection

In early November of 2014, a complex and high-profile family of malware named WireLurker splashed across the radar of the security community and the general media. Originally discovered by Palo Alto Networks, WireLurker is an unusually complex family of malware targeting Apple systems. WireLurker was unique in being able to attack mobile devices, as the malware was able to compromise Apple… Read more

Tags: otx, threat intelligence, otx 2.0

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