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With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, we thought we’d talk about common types of malware, and let you know about some emerging threats in the security landscape. We continuously strive to 'arm' our readers with the latest information about new attack methods and techniques so that they can be ready to make informed decisions about how to… Read more

Tags: malware, botnet, ransomware, crimeware, backdoor, keylogger, adware, trojan horse, virus, shadyware, worm, pups

Have you changed jobs recently? Are you planning to move on to a new challenge? Maybe you are simply one of the lucky folks who have reached retirement and can now move on to freedom from “the grind”.In this fast-paced world, it seems that many people frequently change jobs, or move on. It is always a bitter-sweet… Read more


The Mirai botnet is malware designed to take control of the BusyBox systems that are commonly used in IoT devices. BusyBox software is a lightweight executable capable of running several Unix tools in a variety of POSIX environments that have limited resources, making it an ideal candidate for IoT devices. It appears the DDoS attacks of October 21 have been identified… Read more

Tags: iot, botnets, mirai

We’ve got the week’s news covered for you.In This Week's EpisodeNation State Threat AttributionMercedes autonomous carsStephen Hawking on AIBanks failing to report hacksIndian Bank debit card breachOther Stories of InterestFemale speakers for your tech eventHow hackers handle stolen login dataDFIR and Threat HuntingThe real… Read more


For many years the defense and intelligence communities have relied upon a concept called gamification to test concepts, strategies, and potential outcomes in various scenarios via computer simulation. They have found that gamification heightens interest of the players involved and serves as a stimulus for creativity and interchange of ideas which is vital for keeping an edge. As computers have… Read more

Tags: infosec, gamification

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