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Travel woesBorders are increasing their digital searches of travellers. This includes asking (forcing?) travellers to unlock devices and share passwords. People are often cynical of many physical security measures that are undertaken in airports, such as removal of belts and shoes. But as the saying goes, you can make me take off my shoes, but there’s no… Read more

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Many years ago, I was working at a financial institute that processed several millions in transactions every night. Like many institutes, it relied on a (t)rusty mainframe to crunch through the numbers overnight.These were the days where business continuity was a relatively simple process. You simply had two of everything. So there were two overnight batch processes to… Read more

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Encouraging organizations to follow the usual security best practices didn’t prevent the spread of WannaCry. Let’s acknowledge that and focus on new ideas that will.In the aftermath of the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, a familiar pattern is beginning to play itself out. Now that we all know the general details behind how WannaCry infections were initiated… Read more

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In recent weeks, there have been some high-profile reports about Mac malware, most notably OSX/Dok and OSX.Proton.B. Dok malware made headlines due to its unique ability to intercept all web traffic, while Proton.B gained fame when attackers replaced legitimate versions of HandBrake with an infected version on the vendor’s download site. Another lower profile… Read more

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WannaCryWe should start by addressing the elephant in the room. In the past week WannaCry has dominated the news and still looks to be the topic on the tips of everyone’s tongues.There’s probably not much to add without repeating much of what has already been said.A Twitter moment capturing much of the early… Read more

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