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October 1st marks the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (#CyberAware). Since cyber security is a topic near and dear to our hearts, we plan to spend the month sharing resources, articles and best practices meant to educate, inform, and entertain. Whether you are concerned about hacking, data protection, corporate cyber security or personal online security, we hope you… Read more

Tags: ncsam, national cyber security awareness month

In its 9th year running, Spiceworld is one of the premier conferences for IT professionals and technology marketers. Held in the Austin Convention Centre, it is a Texas-sized IT conference that provides us with a great opportunity to interact with professionals engaged in broad IT activities as opposed to just focussing on security. As such, it provides the perfect backdrop… Read more

Tags: spiceworks, spiceworld

Executive summary In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of information security conferences held around the world. Despite this, the weeks leading up to Black Hat in Las Vegas are still reserved for some of the most significant security announcements, advancements and hacks of the year, all of which generate their fair share of controversy and… Read more

Tags: threat intelligence, threat sharing, black hat, survey

This is a story to explain the difference between penetration testing vs. vulnerability scanning. .Alice met Bob in college when they were freshmen. Although she was madly in love with Bob she maintained her purity for marriage. The two were supposed to wed after they both graduated. Alice had a knack for paying attention to details that irritated Bob at… Read more

Tags: vulnerability scanning, penetration test

Adblocking is becoming a more and more contentious topic in recent days. Publications, understandably, do not want people to block ads - they derive much of their revenue from them. Users find them to be intrusive and often feel that they impede their usage of a site; and, given the recent meteoric rise of malvertising, ads can often become downright… Read more

Tags: malvertising, adblocking

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