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Keeping an eye on the latest in the world of information security week after week illustrates the variety of concerns, errors, and attacks that present themselves.It has been reported that a British bank ‘identifying trafficked sex workers by tracking contraceptive spending’. While the cause may be good, one must wonder how long before banks are sharing full-scale… Read more


The general consensus among InfoSec professionals is to patch critical vulnerabilities such as Apache Struts as soon as a patch is made available by the vendor. So why mightn’t your company simply patch Apache Struts and go on your merry way?Not all events can be remediated immediately. Very often, intermediate mitigation measures must be taken to lower… Read more

Tags: vulnerability management, apache struts, patching

I started rock climbing about five years ago with top ropes. I learned how to belay, how to tie knots, and how to trust my harness, rope, and belay partner to keep me from falling whenever I missed a hold. So, last year, when a new bouldering gym opened in my neighborhood, I was stoked—except for one small… Read more

Tags: cloud security, best practices, hybrid cloud

Daniel CidDaniel Cid is the founder and CTO for Sucuri. He’s also on the AlienVault Technology Advisory Board and is the founder of OSSEC HIDS. I interviewed him to get his thoughts on website security, and the security of content management systems (CMS).Q: What are the most serious challenges and trends you are seeing with website… Read more

Tags: ossec, ddos, owasp, hids, sucuri, wordpress, cms

It was a busy week in the world of security with many people wondering if Twitter had been hacked when they saw many verified accounts posting spam.Luckily it turned out that Twitter was secure, and the compromise occurred at a third party. Serving as another reminder of the importance of third party and supply chain security.Other interesting news… Read more


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