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BackgroundRansomware, which is malware that holds users’ data for ransom, keeps showing up in the news. In February, Hollywood Presbyterian was locked out of its electronic medical records (patient information is kind of important to running a hospital) until it forked over 40 bitcoins, worth then about $17K.This time, it’s JIGSAW. Our colleagues at Trend Micro… Read more

Tags: ransomware, jigsaw

Watering hole attacks – or the hijacking of legitimate websites to push malware – are increasing dramatically. These attacks are like traditional drive-by downloads, with one major difference: they are highly targeted in nature and detecting these attacks is notoriously difficult.With watering holes, attackers target anywhere from a single company or government agency to larger communities of interest –… Read more

Tags: watering hole attacks, drive-by attacks

RawPOS – A HistoryRawPOS (also sometimes referred to as Rdasrv from the original service install name) is a Windows based malware family that targets payment card data. It has been around at least since 2011, if not much earlier. Despite it being very well known and the functions it performs easy to understand, RawPOS continues to prove extremely effective in… Read more


Background“Adware” is a portmanteau (one of my favorite words) of ‘advertising’ and ‘software’. It is advertising-supported software that can be both annoying and malicious. Some adware is legitimate, such as when it’s used by developers to generate revenue for free or open source applications or tools. Adware has been around since… Read more

Tags: adware, osx-pirrit

Why We Should Love False PositivesLet's face it. False positives suck. On the other hand, while the subtitle of this post may sound funny, it isn't really that far from the truth. It’s true that many people experience a level of anger at false positives that could be used as a climax to a thriller… Read more


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