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There is one skill that I, unfortunately, have perfected over the years—the ability to search for a job. I, like millions of others, have experienced being laid off, which required me to learn techniques to find new opportunities.The objective of this article is to share my personal job-searching experiences from an Information Security (“InfoSec”) perspective.… Read more

Tags: infosec community, infosec career

Any discussion of incident response deserves a close look at the tools that you’ll need for effective incident detection, triage, containment and response. In this post, you’ll read about the best open source tools for each function, we’ll share resources for how to learn how and when to use them, and we’ll… Read more

Tags: ossim, otx, incident response, ooda loop

I wasted many an early year going to InfoSec conferences and security events only to find them useless. Well, they weren't totally useless, I'd often come back with a bag full of goodies that more often than not included stress balls, USB drives, and some stickers.My colleagues and I would often bemoan how rubbish conferences were. There… Read more

Tags: infosec, conferences

Before I got into cybersecurity, I spent years as a technical support agent for Windows end users of Windstream, an American ISP. Although Windstream is an ISP, they also offered a general Windows client OS remote support service for their predominantly rural customers.Many of my malware-related tickets were to fix problems caused by users who installed Trojans. A lot… Read more

Tags: windows, pups, registry cleaners

I spoke with security expert Steve Wood about daily life as a security analyst. He provided me with general advice for MSSPs who are getting started, perhaps with a technology provider like AlienVault.Steve has been in InfoSec for 16 years now and has worked all over the industry and in the Department of Defense. Steve said that dynamic MSSPs find… Read more

Tags: mssp, security monitoring, soc, hunting soc

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