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True to form, cyber security continues its domination of technology and mainstream news. Ransomware continues to strike, using different techniques such as Locky’s recent spread through social media, or attacking targets like the San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency.Password reuse attacks continue to grow. From Deliveroo’s attack a couple of weeks ago, to the UK&rsquo… Read more


Oftentimes, we overlook the value that crowd-sourced threat intelligence brings to a security team’s arsenal. For example, AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX) is a fantastic tool to help you determine if some observed behaviour is malicious or not. In this article, we explore how malware can be detected on an old Windows XP client (believe it… Read more


Moving applications and workloads to the cloud is a big draw for organizations, primarily due to the favorable economics, ease of deployment, and the flexibility and scale that the cloud provides. Microsoft Azure is one cloud platform seeing rising adoption in the past year.You may be contemplating moving workloads to Azure, particularly if you are a Microsoft shop. But… Read more

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It's been a busy week indeed! Between the repercussions of the Tesco bank hacking, to AdultFriendFinder's apparent lack of a care about InfoSec, to the IP Bill, it's been somewhat dizzying. Here's the summary video, accompanying Shatners! and a suggested reading list.In This Week's VideoTesco bank hacked… Read more

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Probably the best £100 I’ve ever spent was on a Nest Protect. It’s awesome. In a nutshell, it’s a Wi-Fi enabled smoke and carbon dioxide detector. My “dumb” one worked just as well but this one has a number of key advantages.Firstly, it lets me know when my batteries are running… Read more

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