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Taking On Today’s Threats

It’s been another hectic week in the world of Infosec / IT security / Cyber Security (choose as appropriate). So let’s jump straight into it.APT 33Iran is building up its cyber capabilities and the emergence of a group of hackers, dubbed APT33, has given rise to concerns the nation's cyberwarfare units are looking to launch destructive… Read more

Tags: week-in-review, infosec news

Just when we thought, “it couldn’t get worse”. Just when we boldly exclaimed, “I never applied for a government job, so I don’t have to worry about what happened at the Office of Personnel Management”.Just when we confidently boasted, “Well, I was never an Ashley Madison subscriber”.Equifax happened. … Read more

Tags: identity management, identity compartmentalization, equifax, blockchain, identity protection

There’s a phrase we’ve been using a lot lately at AlienVault about eating your own dog food. Kind of weird, I know. But, what that means in the world of a product company is to use your own product to test and prove the value of that product.Six months ago, when AlienVault decided to pursue… Read more

Tags: compliance, hipaa, pci-dss compliance, soc 2

“Machine learning” is the new “it” buzzword in security. As a result, it’s being thrown around fairly loosely on vendor websites and in marketing materials. Not only is that unfortunate for anyone looking to get a straight answer on how machine learning can help their company stay more secure, it is also fostering a… Read more

Tags: endpoint security, machine learning

A new beginning, a refresh, or has nostalgia finally caught up? We’re changing the name of this weekly update back to “Things I Hearted this Week”. Here are some of the popular and not-so-popular security and technology stories that caught our fancy for your reading pleasure.“It’s the only and most fascinating read… Read more

Tags: week-in-review, infosec news

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