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My background isn’t security – it’s networking. Before cofounding NetBeez, a network monitoring startup, I used to design and build large-scale enterprise networks. Even if routing and switching has been my bread and butter, I have always been interested in network security. In the past, the network guy didn’t have to be all that… Read more

Tags: network security, basic security measures

Following up from our hugely successful tweetchat around threat intelligence, we initiated another community mind-meld and sought to tackle some of the prevalent themes around cloud security. Queue "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” and lets talk Cloud Security this Thursday #AskAnAlien.. — AlienVault (@alienvault) June 23, 2015 We don… Read more

Tags: cloud security

Devotion to the mystic law of hack and defend... We keep seeing these Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) type attacks crop up throughout the world. One of the main differentiating factors in these attacks vs ‘common’ ones are the resources at their disposal: time, money, and, most importantly, the expertise required to develop custom pieces of malware to carry… Read more

Tags: operation lotus blossom, elise malware

The task of defending our environments from attack is made more difficult from the lack of a common taxonomy for describing malicious behavior observed. Each security control we deploy describes the threats it can detect in a different manner, each providing little insight into the nature of the behavior being reported. This disparity and lack of consistency makes it difficult… Read more

Tags: taxonomy, threat intellligence

Financial companies are at a critical juncture: The attack landscape has transformed dramatically over the past few years, and as a result, these companies are under more scrutiny than ever for the security of their networks. Unfortunately, financial services organizations are still being breached too often, most frequently by those with insider access, according to the second annual SANS survey… Read more

Tags: data breaches, sans, financial

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