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Another week has passed, and more things continue to catch our attention. So lets just jump right inChild safety smartwatchesWhen you’re marketing a ‘smart’ device as a safety device, you better be sure you can secure it.But it appears that manufacturers of child safety smartwatches didn’t get the memo. The fact… Read more

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The recent data breach at Equifax is the latest cautionary tale for what can happen when the response to a threat lags behind the initial detection. The vulnerability that ultimately led to the breach was correctly identified, but the delay in patching the affected systems created a window of opportunity for attackers to exploit it.On this front, Equifax is… Read more

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State-sponsored cyber espionage has been rising steadily in recent years. Whether it’s high-profile attacks such as North Korea’s hack of Sony in 2014, China’s alleged hack of the US’s Office of Personnel Management in 2015, or Russia’s alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016, the stories are mounting. Iran has also… Read more

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SpiceWorld was held last week. For those unfamiliar, it is Spiceworks' yearly conference for IT pros held in Austin every year. Here's the mob scene at the AlienVault booth at the opening Happy Hour on the exhibit floor.Garrett Gross, Director, Field Enablement at AlienVault, spoke on Tuesday about Open Source Tools. It was a standing room only… Read more

Tags: open source software, spiceworks, spiceworld, conferences

The challenge with compiling this weekly roundup is not finding newsworthy security stories, but whittling down the large number of stories into a selection of my favourite or most impactful ones.To be honest, I often procrastinate somewhat while doing this and end up trying to work out solutions for different security problems. One of them was to setup a… Read more

Tags: week-in-review, infosec news

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