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Get Certified & Show Off Your AlienVault Expertise!

AlienVault® certifications validate your skills with AlienVault USM Appliance™. They are valued designations of knowledge and skills that demonstrate expertise among AlienVault customers, partners, and employees. AlienVault offers two levels of certification.


  • Demonstrates ability to install and operate core USM Appliance functions.
  • Earned by passing 1 proctored exam.
  • Recertification not required.


  • Demonstrates ability to design, implement, and operate USM Appliance.
  • Earned by passing 1 proctored exam.
  • Recertification required every 3 years by passing the current ACSE or Technician exam.

Why Certify?

AlienVault offers the only certifications that validate knowledge and skills with the AlienVault USM Appliance. You might seek to earn an AlienVault certification to grow in your current role, build your credentials when seeking a new role, or gain recognition among peers in the security industry. AlienVault certification exams were created with the participation of the AlienVault Certification Advisory and Development Board. Board members include AlienVault customers, partners, and employees with broad expertise in AlienVault Unified Security Management™ and the security industry.


  • When you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate by email showing your achievement.
  • You will also receive a logo that’s specific to the credential you earned, which you can use on your business cards, email signature, or on your profile on social media sites such as LinkedIn.
  • For ACSE only — If you work for an organization that has a support contract with AlienVault, you will also benefit from faster access to AlienVault Support.*

*AlienVault Support assigns a severity level to every case. Our support engineers will handle cases submitted by current ACSE holders first among all cases at the same severity level. This benefit is provided to ACSE holders due to their demonstrated expertise. The ACSE holder needs to identify their ACSE status when opening the case, and remain engaged in the case through resolution.

AlienVault Certification Advisory & Development Board

Board members provided extensive guidance and subject matter expertise during the creation of the ACSE exam. Their contributions were essential to the design, development, and validation of the exam. We thank them for their participation!

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