Managed SIEM Services with AlienVault

AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) delivers Managed SIEM capabilities as part of a unified security platform for threat detection, incident response, and compliance. Ideal for self-managed, co-managed, and fully managed SIEM deployments.

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Partner with AlienVault to Deliver a Managed SIEM Service Offering

Join the 500+ MSSPs that use AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) as the foundation for their managed SIEM services.

AlienVault USM goes beyond SIEM to combine multiple security capabilities in a unified cloud platform that’s fast to deploy and easy to use. With a complete, unified security platform for managed security services, you can grow your MSSP business quickly, efficiently, and with a rapid ROI.

Learn more about the benefits of building your co-managed SIEM offering with AlienVault below.

Find an AlienVault Partner for Managed SIEM Services

When you outsource your security operations to an AlienVault MSSP Partner, you can realize the full benefits of complete threat detection without investing the time or resources required to deploy and maintain a SIEM. AlienVault USM deploys in minutes from a secure cloud environment, and delivers everything you need for effective, fast threat detection and response in one unified platform. No complex SIEM integrations or writing correlation rules required.

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Go Beyond SIEM with AlienVault USM

Traditional SIEM software and log monitoring tools can offer security insights, but only if you have extensive time, resources, and expertise to integrate data from disparate sources such as asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, and IDS products. Once you have the data, you must research and write correlation rules to identify threats in your environment. These challenges multiply as you migrate workloads and services to public cloud environments.

AlienVault USM is different. It combines powerful SIEM and log management capabilities with other essential security tools—including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection—in one unified security platform delivered as a service.

AlienVault USM gives you centralized security monitoring of your AWS and Azure cloud environments, on-premises physical and virtualized infrastructure, and hybrid environments–all from a single SaaS solution that’s fast to deploy and simple to use.

AlienVault USM combines the following security capabilities:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • Cloud Security Monitoring (Azure and AWS log analyis)
  • SaaS Monitoring (e.g., Office 365)
  • Security Services Monitoring (e.g., Okta)
  • Compliance-certified Log Management
  • Compliance Reporting

Make Your Security Team Effective Faster with AlienVault USM

By correlating and unifying security event data, SIEM tools aim to simplify the security operations workflow. However, many SIEM deployments and operations are often far from simple. Plus, many SIEM operators aren’t sure how to respond to system alerts and alarms. As a result, IT security teams can quickly become overwhelmed. AlienVault USM is designed to overcome these challenges with:

  • Straight-forward and streamlined set-up process– install in minutes, not days
  • Continuous environmental learning – auto-discovers assets on-premises and in the cloud dynamically, identifies configuration issues, and catalogues your vulnerabilities, giving you continuous contextual security information
  • Prioritized alarms – uses your contextual environmental information to prioritize threats and alarms by severity, so you always know where to focus your attention
  • Advanced event correlation – the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team curates and delivers threat intelligence to the AlienVault USM platform, including correlation rules
  • Step-by-step response guidance – you’ll know which events to focus on and what to do about them (e.g. patch the vulnerability, uninstall software, block the IP address)
  • Security automation and orchestration – AlienVault USM can automate incident response actions when triggered by a known threat pattern (integrated with your existing security tools like Palo Alto and Cisco Umbrella)
  • Compliance reporting out of the box – use pre-built report templates to demonstrate compliance with PCI, HIPAA, NIST CSF, and other standards

Curated Threat Intelligence Delivered as a Service

With AlienVault USM, you can start detecting threats in your environment from Day One. To keep your defense always up to date, AlienVault USM receives the latest curated threat intelligence from the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team. This team of security experts tracks emerging threats in the wild and analyzes the crowd-sourced threat data of the Open Threat Exchange® (OTX™) to continuously update AlienVault USM with the latest security analytics, so you have an always-up-to-date security monitoring platform. This includes an extensive and continuously growing library of correlation rules, so you don’t have to dedicate your own resources to researching threats and updating correlation rules. That’s exactly what a SIEM as a Service solution should do for you.

A Threat Detection Solution that Evolves with You

Built on a highly extensible cloud architecture, AlienVault USM readily extends its security monitoring and intelligence capabilities to new IT and security infrastructure with no impact or forklift upgrades required. Delivered as modular AlienApps™, AlienVault USM provides new essential security capabilities, like dark web monitoring, orchestration capabilities with security and IT workflow infrastructure including Jira and ServiceNow, and security monitoring capabilities for a growing list of SaaS apps like Office 365 and G Suite for deep visibility into user activity and potential security incidents. So, as your IT landscape evolves with new SaaS apps and security infrastructure, you can be confident in your ability to continually secure it with AlienVault USM.

AlienVault Is Trusted & Verified

AlienVault makes compliance a top priority for your organization and for ours. We have adopted the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), aligning our security controls and processes with industry-proven security best practices. We use our own USM platform to demonstrate and maintain compliance, working with third-party auditors to regularly test our systems, controls, and processes.

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GDPR Ready
Hippa Complaint
PCI DSS Compliance
ISO Certified
AWS Security Competency
Microsoft Azure Certified

* The ISMS that governs USM Anywhere, USM Central

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