We research global threats & vulnerabilities every day so that you don’t have to

The AlienVault Labs threat research team spends countless hours mapping out the different types of attacks, the latest threats, suspicious behavior, vulnerabilities and exploits they uncover across the entire threat landscape. It regularly publishes threat intelligence updates to the USM platform in the form of correlation directives, IDS signatures, vulnerability audits, asset discovery signatures, IP reputation data, data source plugins, and report templates. The team also provides up-to-the-minute guidance on emerging threats and context-specific remediation guidance, which accelerates and simplifies threat detection and remediation.

The AlienVault Labs team also leverages the power of OTX, the world’s largest crowd-sourced repository of threat data to provide global insight into attack trends and bad actors. AlienVault’s team of security experts analyze, validate, and curate global threat data collected by OTX.

We’re Part of Your Team!

The AlienVault Labs Threat Research team maximizes the efficiency of any security-monitoring program by delivering the threat intelligence that you rely on to understand and address the most critical issues in your networks. We perform the analysis, allowing you to spend your scarce time mitigating the threats rather than researching them. No other vendor has the ability to provide you with the level of threat intelligence integration and correlation that the AlienVault USM platform delivers.

CNN Report: North Korea Looks to Exploit Cryptocurrencies

Chris Doman, AlienVault Threat Engineer, discusses AlienVault Labs research on North Korea mining of Monero cryptocurrency on CNN International.


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