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Creating Fake IdentitiesEverything today seems to be linked to your identity; or perhaps more specifically, to your digital identity. While safeguarding one's identity is important, it is also equally important to find ways to stop people from creating fake identities.Kevin Mitnick belonged to an earlier generation that many of this generation's up… Read more

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The vote hacking village at DefCon25 was an eye-opening experience in the world of what-ifs, worst-case scenarios, and the results of utter carelessness.How We WorkedAs the village opened on Friday, I sat down at a Diebold ExpressPoll 5000, along with another teammate. For the next five hours we worked together to figure out how to compromise the device,… Read more

Tags: diebold expresspoll 5000, election hacking, voting hack, defcon25

It’s been one of the busiest weeks in InfoSec as thousands descended upon Las Vegas to attend BSidesLV, Blackhat, and Defcon.But that doesn’t stop the world of InfoSec or lessen the impact of the latest security developments on day to day businesses, so let's take a look at what's been… Read more

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In today’s cyber world, decision makers continuously question the value of their security investments, asking whether each dollar is serving to secure the business. In the meantime, cyber attackers are continually growing smarter and more proficient. Today’s security teams frequently find themselves falling behind and left to analyze artifacts from the past and try to decide… Read more

Tags: otx, threat intelligence, cyber threat intelligence, cti

The Need for Identity Management“Everything is circumstantial,” this saying is especially applicable to the creation of every individual persona that we make. When there is something that we would like to achieve, we may create a persona specifically tailored to the requirements needed to accomplish said goal, as simple or complex as the goal may be. Fabricating… Read more

Tags: penetration testing, identity management, psychological vulnerability, identity compartmentalization, pseudonyms, spycraft, opsec, personas

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