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Cybersecurity Insiders, partnering with the 380,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn, commissioned Crowd Research Partners to conduct an indepth study to gather insights, reveal the latest ransomware trends, and provide guidance on effectively addressing the ransomware threat. A brief extract follows, but you can read the whole report here!Key FindingsRansomware is the fastest growing security threat, perceived as… Read more

Tags: malware, ransomware

Hey, everyone! Here is my blog on approaching Cyber Security from a psychological perspective. I consider this intersection to be the marriage of a non-technical field to a technical field. I hope you enjoy the blog and be sure to check out my Twitter page @hackrmanblog and my site hakrman.wordpress.com for more of my blogs!-Rocky, @hackrmanblog… Read more

Tags: infosec, social engineering

We’re celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) with a weekly series of security articles on how to improve the state of cyber security-ness.Staying safe online has many similarities with staying safe on the line, aka tightrope walking. It involves a delicate mix of courage, foolhardiness, balance, poise, and the threat of falling to a horrible death.… Read more

Tags: cybersecurity, ncsam, user training

We’re a whisker away from October, which means all the usual Q4 activities will soon be upon us. People will be trying to use up their annual leave before the end of the year, holiday dinners will be being planned, budget plans will be adjusted, and breaches – oh the breaches will just keep rolling to the point… Read more

Tags: week-in-review, infosec news

Firewalls are one of the most important network security functions that everyone must have, whether you're operating a datacenter, or surfing the web on your phone during your public transit commute. Firewalls come in both hardware and software forms, for both consumers and enterprises. So what do firewalls do, and how do they work?I’m sure you… Read more

Tags: ips, firewall, tcpip

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