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SpiceWorld was held last week. For those unfamiliar, it is Spiceworks' yearly conference for IT pros held in Austin every year. Here's the mob scene at the AlienVault booth at the opening Happy Hour on the exhibit floor.Garrett Gross, Director, Field Enablement at AlienVault, spoke on Tuesday about Open Source Tools. It was a standing room only… Read more

Tags: open source software, spiceworks, spiceworld, conferences

The challenge with compiling this weekly roundup is not finding newsworthy security stories, but whittling down the large number of stories into a selection of my favourite or most impactful ones.To be honest, I often procrastinate somewhat while doing this and end up trying to work out solutions for different security problems. One of them was to setup a… Read more

Tags: week-in-review, infosec news

You’ve made the decision to secure your environment using AlienVault® Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere™. Great choice! Now that it’s deployed in your cloud or on-premises environment you might be asking yourself, “How can I leverage this solution to make sure that I’m protected?” Or, perhaps more accurately, “What… Read more

Tags: training, acse, infosec career, security analysis

I ran a poll on Twitter recently, trying to ask this question in an open way, to see what people thought. I was surprised that a lot of folks not only voted, but also shared some strong opinions. This was the final vote count:To be of value to #infosec community, must contributors be able to write code? — Kate… Read more

Tags: infosec, python, infosec career, powershell, scripting

In celebration of Week 2 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) – surprise! Another blog!In the wild we see culture. The fierce predator, the T-Rex of an organisation. It moves swiftly and silently devouring all in its path.Strategy is its favourite dish, chomping down large chunks of strategy and washing it down with the tears of shareholders.Security… Read more

Tags: incident response, cybersecurity, ncsam, infosec culture

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