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Bob Covello

Bob Covello (@BobCovello) is a 20-year technology veteran and InfoSec analyst with a passion for security topics. He is also a volunteer for various organizations focused on advocating for and advising others about staying safe and secure online.

Bob Covello

I went to the doctor the other day and she noted that my numbers were a little higher than last year.  I asked, “Hey Doc, should I be concerned?”  “Not really”, she said.  She then went on to explain that as humans age, the numbers will shift to reflect the differences in our… Read more

Tags: baselining

Just when we thought, “it couldn’t get worse”. Just when we boldly exclaimed, “I never applied for a government job, so I don’t have to worry about what happened at the Office of Personnel Management”.Just when we confidently boasted, “Well, I was never an Ashley Madison subscriber”.Equifax happened. … Read more

Tags: identity management, equifax, identity compartmentalization, identity protection, blockchain

Are you new in InfoSec? Perhaps you are not a newcomer, yet you find yourself wanting to have a greater role in the organization’s security functions. Too often, security operations are based on a need-to-know model, which shuts out many people who would love to know more so they can grow as security professionals.The path to the… Read more

Tags: incident response and management

How often do you receive a message from your friends or family that indicates the type of phone they are using at the end of the message? Message tags such as: “Sent using the Galaxy Note 8”, or “Sent from my iPhone” can tell a person a few things about you. Or, how about the messages that … Read more

Tags: security, privacy, email

I went to a restaurant the other day with the family and saw something that made me think about misperceptions, the benefits of experience, and the importance of mentoring in Information security.As we were walking out of the restaurant, I saw a young teenager sitting with his family. He was wearing Bright Orange hi-top sneakers and he had short,… Read more

Tags: infosec, infosec career

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