Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

I am a 24year veteran of The Internet. Coming from the days of SLIP and SunOS, I was very quick to adopt the BSD TCP/IP stack and the World Wide Web. In my career I have maintained several websites, designed hundreds of networks, and provided thousands of hours of support and consulting for friends/family/customers/the public. A strict idealist at heart, it brings me quite a bit of joy to challenge the status-quo in technology and use a bit of humor along-the-way to lighten the load. My favorite operating system remains anything BSD (macOS included), but Microsoft pays the bills. A lifelong passion of tinkering, and ethical hacking has been a great benefit to me, and cybersecurity is an area I have been steadily involved in for the majority of my 24-year career. I'm a soon-to-be first time father, and hope at some point I can take an ACTUAL vacation. Find me on Twitter:

April 11, 2019 | Jeff Thompson

DNS cache poisoning part 2

My last blog on DNS cache poisoning only covered the superficial aspects of this long-standing issue. This installment aims to give a bit more technical detail, and expose some of the tactics used by the "bad-actors" looking to leverage a poisoned DNS cache against you and your network. In a worst-case scenario, the results of a poisoned DNS cache could…

February 19, 2019 | Jeff Thompson

How to Prevent DNS Poisoning and Spoofing in 2019

DNS "spoofing" and "poisoning". Simply the name conjures up the kind of thoughts that keep network admins up at night. What if my RNDC key gets leaked? Could there be a rogue DHCP server within my perimeter? Are the Lizard Squad planning an attack on  for Christmas? Much of what we know now about DNS, address protocol, and packet…

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