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Javvad Malik

The man, the myth, the blogger; Javvad Malik is a London-based IT Security professional. Better known as an active blogger, event speaker and industry commentator who is possibly best known as one of the industry’s most prolific video bloggers with his signature fresh and light-hearted perspective on security. Prior to joining AlienVault, Javvad was a senior analyst with 451 Research providing technology vendors, investors and end users with strategic advisory services, including competitive research and go-to-market positioning.

Javvad Malik

Travel woesBorders are increasing their digital searches of travellers. This includes asking (forcing?) travellers to unlock devices and share passwords. People are often cynical of many physical security measures that are undertaken in airports, such as removal of belts and shoes. But as the saying goes, you can make me take off my shoes, but there’s no… Read more

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Many years ago, I was working at a financial institute that processed several millions in transactions every night. Like many institutes, it relied on a (t)rusty mainframe to crunch through the numbers overnight.These were the days where business continuity was a relatively simple process. You simply had two of everything. So there were two overnight batch processes to… Read more

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WannaCryWe should start by addressing the elephant in the room. In the past week WannaCry has dominated the news and still looks to be the topic on the tips of everyone’s tongues.There’s probably not much to add without repeating much of what has already been said.A Twitter moment capturing much of the early… Read more

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“Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.” - Antoine de ExuperyIn today’s world, it feels as if innovation has become the curse of many companies. It forces changes, and wheels being reinvented when not needed, out of fear that… Read more

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Whenever a calamity befalls, it's only natural for people to try and rationalise and identify the problem.As is now happening with the WannaCry ransomware outbreak that affected the UK's NHS service, and other services in over 100 countries. People are discussing what should have been done to prevent it.On one hand, there’s a debate ongoing… Read more

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