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Joe Schreiber

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October 19, 2015 | Joe Schreiber

MSSP Fantasy Draft Day: Who is your first round pick?

A lot goes into running a successful Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Getting the right people at the right time is critical. However the challenge of talent acquisition can be overwhelming. Wouldn't it be great if every year a business could just select talent from a skilled pool? If you could, what skill set would you put the highest…

May 26, 2015 | Joe Schreiber

Five Mistakes MSSPs Should Avoid

MSSPs, or Managed Security Service Providers, are at an exciting point where market acceptance, awareness and demand have converged. I view this as a positive for a potential MSSP but also for the customers and businesses they will protect, enhancing security for everyone. However, excitement and the prospect of profits can create haste, and with haste comes an increased risk…

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March 19, 2015 | Joe Schreiber

Intrusion Detection (IDS) for Analysts

IDS device installed? Check. IDS seeing traffic? Check. IDS generating Events? Check. Analysts investigating Events? Ummm…..Investigating IDS alerts is a process like any other; however the variable nature of Information Security often makes this process difficult to adhere to. Maintaining this process is the first step to managing your IDS and its generated events. Let’s examine…

March 3, 2015 | Joe Schreiber

MSSP Success Series: Name Your Assets

MSSPs, like any other business, are a factor of it’s People, Process, and Product. This series will offer insight into each of those factors and offer practical ways to achieve success.What’s in a name? A device by any other name, will work just as well… if not betterNow that you are past the…

February 6, 2015 | Joe Schreiber

Don’t Panic: Six Steps to Surviving your First Breach

So you’ve come to terms with the truth of the world; eventually, you’re going to suffer a security breach. Maybe it won’t happen this month, or this year, but as the great sage Tyler Durden so incisively observed,“On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”Getting…

January 20, 2015 | Joe Schreiber

MSSP Success Series – Make a List

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), like any other business, are a factor of its People, Process, and Product. This series will offer insight into each of those factors and offer practical ways for MSSPs to achieve success - and end users might also find this information helpful.Have A List And Check It Twice!You’ve just closed the…

April 24, 2014 | Joe Schreiber

MSSP - The New Acceptance

Wait, you want my keys? You'll just watch my house? I'm okay with that!From my last post you know I previously worked for a MSSP, but I've been on the other side working with them as well. Furthermore I've staffed and cultivated analysts working inside MSSPs, created Incident Response systems and developed Metrics (fun, fun…

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