Pete Herzog

Pete Herzog

Pete Herzog is the shining example of a hacker trying to fix the ,world. He built a career out of taking apart the security world piece ,by piece to figure out how it works (but he still can’t put it back ,together). Then he writes about it, a lot. You can find articles and ,projects from him all over the place, especially at the non-profit ,research organization, The Institute for Security and Open ,Methodologies (ISECOM), he co-founded in 2001 to help make this ,happen. There you’ll find his work with the Open Source Security ,Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), Hacker Highschool, and the ,Cybersecurity Playbook as well as work in trust metrics, ,authentication, social engineering, vulnerabilities, risk analysis, ,and so much more. Pete also teaches training classes, coaches ,corporations on cybersecurity, analyzes the security for Smart Cities, ,develops security products, advises start-ups, and hacks things.

May 31, 2018 | Pete Herzog

Where Do Cybersecurity Professionals Come From?

When a momma cybersecurity professional and a papa cybersecurity professional love each other very much they hug each other in a special way to help each other make little cybersecurity professionals. If only it were so easy we wouldn’t have nearly 2.2 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs on the horizon. We wouldn’t have millions of kids struggling with…

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