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In a previous blog, we discussed why Point of Sale (POS) devices remain such an attractive target and described some different attack methods. As you can see from the infographic below, retail and POS have been (pardon the pun) “Targets” on an ongoing basis for the past few years, and the trend doesn’t appear to be… Read more

Tags: pos malware

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October 1, 2015 marked the deadline set by credit card issuers to shift liability for fraudulent activity from card issuers or payment processors to the party that is the least Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) compliant during a fraudulent transaction. In order to be EMV-compliant, retail merchants should, at a minimum, be switching to EMV card readers that are capable of accepting chipped credit cards. … Read more

Tags: malware, pos, emv, p2pe

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Markus Manzke is a Security Analyst at 8ack, an AlienVault partner With the rise of inexpensive Virtual Servers and popular services that install insecurely by default, coupled with some juicy vulnerabilities (read: RCE - Remote Code Execution), like CVE-2015-5377 and CVE-2015-1427, this year will be an interesting one for Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch provides plenty of targets for people to… Read more

Tags: 8ack, elasticzombie, elasticsearch

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Summary: This remote access trojan (RAT) has capabilities ranging from manipulating the registry to opening a reverse shell. From stealing credentials stored in browsers to accessing the victims webcam. Through the Command & Control (CnC) server software, the attacker has capabilities to create and configure the malware to spread utilizing physic devices, such as USB drives, but also to use… Read more

Tags: rat, remote access trojan, kilerrat, njrat

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By: Eddie Lee and Jaime Blasco   Imagine if an authoritarian state had a tool to get private information about users visiting certain websites, including real names, mail addresses, sex, birthdays, phone numbers, etc. Imagine that even users that run TOR or VPN connections to bypass the tools that the authoritarian government uses to block and monitor these websites were… Read more

Tags: china, watering hole attacks, tor, malicious javascript, watering holes, censorship, privacy

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