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Take Control of Your Cloud Security Monitoring, Management and Risks

If you have adopted a cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS), you likely have a significant amount of valuable data and systems in the cloud that require log management and SIEM correlation. A SIEM solution designed to natively monitor AWS environments gives you visibility into what is occurring and ensures the security of the systems and data.

AlienVault USM Anywhere with its AWS-native sensor is a cloud monitoring platform with full AWS SIEM capabilities, including:

  • CloudTrail Monitoring and Alerting
  • Event Correlation
  • Log Management (elastically scalable and searchable) including S3 and ELB access log monitoring and alerting

USM Anywhere unifies essential cloud security management in a single platform:

Purpose-built solution for AWS

  • Works in support of the Amazon shared responsibility model
  • Elastic scalability
  • Amazon infrastructure assessment

Cloud SIEM

  • CloudTrail monitoring & alerting
  • S3 Access Log Monitoring & alerting
  • Event Correlation

Integrated Threat Intelligence

  • AlienVault Labs team extends your IT team to provide actionable threat intelligence
  • Powered by the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) to deliver community validation
  • Correlation directives identify threats to initiate detection and response

Purpose-built Solution for AWS

Although security principles remain the same across different platforms, cloud security solutions need to be able to operate efficiently. This is why AlienVault built USM Anywhere with its SIEM capabilities in AWS from the ground up. It was designed specifically for the Amazon ‘shared-responsibility’ security model to address cloud security issues.

USM Anywhere for AWS cloud environments allows you to scale your SIEM threat detection and response capabilities as your environment changes. Preconfigured CloudFormation templates simplify provisioning of USM Anywhere AWS Sensors, allowing you to monitor the services, collect the log data, and correlate the data to identify threats to your AWS infrastructure.

AWS SIEM in the Cloud

In order to stay on top of cloud security issues it’s important to understand what activities are taking place in your AWS environment and identify malicious activity. Traditional security solutions will often lack the ability to effectively and efficiently monitor cloud-specific systems, logs, and events.

USM Anywhere, with its AWS-native sensor, performs automated event correlation and alerting on data from the CloudTrail service, enabling you to correlate events and eliminate manual data analysis to detect actions such as:

  • Suspicious instance creation
  • New user creation
  • Security group modification

USM Anywhere also automatically analyzes any Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) access logs tracked in your environment. This provides analytics and identifies and alerts on abuse patterns, giving insight into your cloud security issues.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

The AlienVault Labs team of security experts has a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between the different data types being correlated and analyzed in the AWS environment. Our ownership of the built-in data sources and the management platform, coupled with unmatched security expertise, provides effective security controls and seamlessly integrated threat intelligence service for your environment.

AlienVault Labs threat research team spends countless hours mapping out the different types of attacks, the latest threats, suspicious behavior, vulnerabilities and exploits they uncover across the entire threat landscape. They also leverage the power of OTX, the world’s largest community-powered repository of threat data, to provide global insight into attack trends and bad actors.

We embed this expertise in the threat intelligence we deliver to the USM Anywhere service. The integrated threat intelligence enables you to detect the latest threats and misconfigurations, as well as instruct you on how to mitigate the threats quickly and effectively.

The AlienVault Labs team regularly publishes threat intelligence updates to the USM Anywhere platform in the form of:

  • Correlation directives
  • Vulnerability audits
  • Asset discovery signatures
  • IP reputation data
  • Report templates

AlienVault Labs


Secure Your AWS Environment

USM Anywhere provides complete cloud security management for your AWS environments. It includes all of the essential capabilities for monitoring cloud security and quickly identifying malicious or suspicious activity in your AWS cloud infrastructure.

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