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Simplify AWS Vulnerability Scanning with AlienVault USM Anywhere

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An Automated and Purpose-built Vulnerability Scanner for Your AWS Cloud Environment

Securing data in AWS environments remains a challenging task, especially since Amazon operates on a ‘shared responsibility’ security model. This means that while Amazon physically secures its cloud infrastructure, the customer is responsible for securing their applications and data. Achieving security in the AWS cloud requires diligent monitoring of your AWS environment to identify changes that can leave your assets vulnerable to exploit. Failure to put in place essential security controls can leave you susceptible to an attack.

Additionally, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to follow the procedural requirements that Amazon has put in place to conduct traditional vulnerability scanning of your AWS environment. Most IT teams do not even attempt to do so, meaning that essential AWS vulnerability scanning often does not occur.

AlienVault® USM Anywhere™ addresses this pain point with a purpose-built sensor that is designed to work with the AWS ‘shared responsibility’ model that automatically performs vulnerability scanning with your AWS environment. This AWS-native sensor allows you to ensure continuous vulnerability assessment without having to deal with the cumbersome process required by Amazon to use a traditional vulnerability scanner.

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AlienVault USM Anywhere allows you to secure your AWS environment with these critical features:

Fast Configuration and Automatic Scanning

  • Automatically scan your AWS environment including assets, security groups, and configurations
  • Identify vulnerabilities and criticality on important assets within the AWS environment
  • Click through to AlienVault® Open Threat Exchange™ to gain insight about how the vulnerability can be exploited

Intuitive Dashboard

  • Leverage at-a-glance analysis of top assets and systems affected by discovered vulnerabilities
  • Produce useful and easily digestible views that list threats by severity, allowing you to better prioritize your efforts

Integrated Threat Intelligence Updates

  • Deploy new vulnerability signatures based on the latest threats
  • Spot the latest exploits targeting your AWS environment with regular threat intelligence updates
  • Focus on responding to threats rather than researching every alert

Easy Configuration and Automatic Scanning

Scanning your AWS environment for vulnerabilities and configuration issues can seem like a daunting task given that you can’t use traditional scanning tools in an AWS environment without paperwork or approvals. While Amazon sets up methods to allow traditional vulnerability scanning in your AWS environment, it is difficult and time consuming to satisfy the procedural requirements every time you want to run a scan. Most IT teams do not even attempt to conduct AWS vulnerability scans, meaning that essential vulnerability testing of their AWS environment often does not occur.

You need a security monitoring solution that automates AWS vulnerability scanning and threat detection. AlienVault USM Anywhere provides a unified security platform for your AWS environment that simplifies threat detection by automatically performing vulnerability scanning on assets within your AWS environment. USM Anywhere’s AWS-native sensor resides in your AWS environment and delivers the continuous AWS vulnerability assessment you need to ensure that vulnerabilities and misconfigurations don’t slip through the cracks and leave you exposed.

Intuitive Dashboard

Once you’ve completed the AWS vulnerability scan, you need to develop a prioritized response plan that identifies the vulnerabilities, configuration issues and access control issues and their potential impact to your environment. Doing this efficiently requires expert knowledge of not only the exploit methods but the affected assets and systems as well.

The USM Anywhere platform with a USM Anywhere Sensor deployed in your AWS infrastructure gives you the ability to find the vulnerabilities that matter most. From the USM Anywhere console, you can quickly identify the critical assets that have vulnerabilities. The vulnerability name, asset, Common Vulnerability Enumeration (CVE), and severity are displayed to identify the most severe vulnerabilities first. From the Vulnerabilities dashboard, you can see at-a-glance which assets are most vulnerable so you can deal with the important, most critical assets first.

Additionally, USM Anywhere is integrated with AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX), the world’s first truly open threat intelligence community that enables collaborative defense with actionable, community-powered threat data. Information about each vulnerability can be accessed directly from the platform interface. For a more detailed view of information, USM Anywhere allows you to click through directly to OTX to see detailed information about the vulnerability, how it is used to exploit a system, and reference information collected and known. This provides you with all the information you need to make a decision and respond to the discovered vulnerability.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

One of the most significant challenges to effectively securing your AWS environment is having the capabilities and knowledge required to identify vulnerabilities, prioritizing which are the biggest threats to your AWS cloud environment, and then remediating any issues found. While some tools can provide an initial set of vulnerability signatures, keeping them up to date and making them actionable is often up to the user.

That’s where the threat intelligence produced by AlienVault Labs steps in to assist. Think of it as an extension of your IT team – the AlienVault Labs team is constantly performing advanced research on current threats and developing threat intelligence updates, including vulnerability signatures, to continuously deliver to USM Anywhere. AlienVault provides advanced, automated, and integrated threat intelligence in its USM Anywhere platform that improves the accuracy of your detective scanning. In addition to the vulnerability signatures, you receive updates to event correlation rules, IDS signatures, links to knowledgebase articles, and more.

Updating the AlienVault USM Anywhere platform is extremely easy and just requires a few mouse clicks. This ensures that USM Anywhere is continuously conducting AWS vulnerability scanning for the latest threats without requiring in-house research or development of vulnerability data. This allows you to allocate your time and resources to other responsibilities and do more with a smaller team.

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USM Anywhere provides complete cloud security management for your AWS environments. It
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